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Wild boar people like to boar meat. Or the popularity of the forest. It is very difficult to find a boar. Because I have to go wild. But it will be easy if you have a wild boar app that is open to the wild boar, of course, or someone interested in nature. Who would like to know the voice of boar? It sounds like a boar app.

Wild boar (Scientific name: Sus scrofa) is an animal in the phalanx. Mammalian animal class in the double hoof The breed of pork in the house today.

It looks like a pig house. But longer body length The body is dark gray. Some may be dark brown. Feathers at the point of the long pointed to the back. The females have 5 pairs of newborn breasts, dark brown to black and black stripes across the body. Looks like a pattern of melons.

The body length and head 135-150 cm, tail length 20-30 cm, weight 75-200 kg, male is heavier than female. Can run fast 30 miles per hour, females can have a litter of 10-11 litters a year, 2 litters a year.

Wild boars are widely distributed. In North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. And in Southeast Asia, it can be seen in general. So there are 10 sub-species together (see table).

Ecology and behavior can live in a variety of environments. But often choose to be near the water source. Because I like to soak in the mud on a hot day. Can eat a variety of plants and animals such as small animals, reptiles or even carcasses. Wild boars living in forests near human agriculture. May steal to eat head or root crops planted. Including rice fields as well. The noodles are used to dig food for underground food. While out for food, it will ring out loudly all the time. Usually eaten in the early morning and afternoon. Sometimes it can be eaten at night. Often, they are a large group of about 20-100, with the age of the members in mixed groups. When it comes to harsh conditions to escape the bushes, normally wild boar is a freak and irritating. The enemy of wild boar. Tiger and leopard When the enemy is found, the male will fight to protect the herd. By jumping with a long, outstretched jaw. In which no female

At present, it is an economic animal that is cultured for meat. Or may be pets in the home of some people. By boar farming.

In Thailand there are wild boars living in two large cities, a deserted village. In Phra Samut Chedi Samut Prakarn Province There are about 200 wild boars and another deserted village. In the bridge district. Bangkok There are about 50 wild boar population, both of which were born from the original owner of the wild boar and left. Until the propagation.
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