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WilhelmSK uses the SignalK protocol (signalk.org) to display information from your boat's instruments on your iPhone or iPad.

For support, please send email to wilhelmsk@scottbender.net

Supported Connections:
- SignalK REST api or Streaming
- iKommunicate REST api or Streaming

Connection Configuration:
- Manual configuration of ip/hostname and port
- SignalK discovery via Bonjour
- iKommunicate discovery via Bonjour

RayMarine Auto Pilot Support *
º View or change current mode (Standby, Auto, Wind, Track)
º View current target heading or Wind direction
º Change target heading or Wind direction

Alarms and Notifications
º View list of current current alarms
º Acknowledge RayMarine "Turn To Waypoint' *
º Push notification support *
º Setup server side alarms *
º Set an anchor alarm with the push of a button *

- Raymarine MFD: display and interact with a RayMarine MFD (discovered via Bonjour)
- Fusion stereo (control zone volumes, source input, play, pause etc.)
- Water Temperature
- AWA and COG
- Drift
- Set
- GWA (Ground wind angle and speed calulated internally from AWS, AWA and COG)
- Battery Voltage
- Alternator Voltage
- Coolant Temperature
- Oil Pressure
- Oil Temperature
- True Heading
- Magnetic Heading
- Pitch
- Roll
- Yaw
- GPS Position (with link to Apple Maps)
- Water Speed
- Distance to Waypoint
- Route ETA
- Time to Waypoint (computed internally from DTW and SOG)
- Depth
- Fuel Tank Level
- Black Water Tank Level
- Fresh Water Tank Level
- Rudder Angle
- AWA Close Hauled
- Engine Runtime
- GNSS Date
- GNSS Time
- GNSS Date/Time
- Atmospheric Pressure
- Create a gauge for any value available via SignalK

- Customize gauge display using SignalK meta.zones
- Wind Angle gauges can optionaly be rotated so that they always point ot the bow of the boat, regaurless of device positioning
- Place gauges by long pressing on a gauge and choosing a differnt one
- Make a gauge full screen by double tapping
- Multiple layout support. Create a differnt layout for Steaming, Sailing, Home Monitoring, etc.
- Customize the nuber of pages and their layout
- Manuall connection configuration synced accross devices via iCloud
- Automatic connection selection based on current ip (usefull when Bonjour is not available and you have multiple boats)
- Two themes, dark and light
- Animated gauge needles
- iPad Slideover and Split View support (Your gauge configuration can be customized for these views)
- Connections can be configured to be refreshed manually or at a specific time interval
- Design your own custom gauge templates
- Share your custom templates via Air Drop, eMail, Text, etc.
- Edit ApplyTV or other device layouts and templates remotely using your iPhone or iPad
- Most gauges can be configured to be digital or analog
- Enter the SignalK path and title for any gauge to show data not supported by default

* Autopilot control, server side alarms, push notifications and fusion stereo control require signalk-server-node and my plugins installed. Setup Instructions at https://github.com/sbender9/wilhelmsk-node-server-setup
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