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 Wireless Multimeter™ 8.0

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Wireless Multimeter™

Application Description:
Please Note: This application is intended to be used with the Wireless Multimeter battery monitor hardware (now available on our website). If you do not have the WirelessMultimeter module, then a demo mode of the app is provided. The demo mode has manual adjustments for simulating volts, amps, and alarms, allowing an evaluation of the easy-to-use and functional battery monitor.

Once connected to the Wireless Multimeter via Bluetooth™, the app receives the values that the Multimeter has been recording from the battery. The app will display live Volts, Amps, Watts, AmpHours, ChargeHours, and Temperature. It will also display the minimum and maximum values of those parameters. Monitor all battery parameters including Voltage, Amps and Amphours with our convenient mobile device application. The mobile app displays the data in graph & numerical form. The app also has programmable alarms that can be set for too high or too low battery voltage, and alarms can be set for too high of charging or discharging current.

Hardware Description:
Purchased separately, The Wireless Multimeter is designed to be an easy-to-install battery monitor with wireless capability, that is weatherproof and permanently installed to the battery to measure voltage, current and temperature. Almost any battery or battery system that is accessible can have a Wireless Multimeter installed on it. Applications include but are not limited to: Golf Carts, RVs, Travel Trailers, Boats, Solar Systems, even battery powered vehicles and toys. Order directly from www.WirelessMultimeter.com

The stand-alone Wireless Multimeter module is designed to be permanently installed to any battery (7V to 20V) to measure voltage, amperage drain and charge current, and amp-hours discharged. The Wireless Multimeter also includes an ambient temperature sensor to monitor the condition of the battery location.

• Easy installation
• Extends battery life by showing you instantaneous power draw
• Diagnose battery problems such as unwanted battery drain.
• Measure VOLTAGE from +7.0v to +20v (+/-0.05v).
• Completely weatherproof and designed to be connected to batteries in harsh environments, and is tested from -40°F to +135°F
• Shunt not required! An internal current sensor measures up to +/- 30 Amps.
• External shunt sensor input (mV) for applications more than 30 Amps (virtually any shunt range is compatible and easily programmable, and available separately)
• Application displays multiple parameters including AmpHours, Watts and Charging time.
• Programmable alarms for under/over voltage and maximum current draw
• Continuously records battery data every second and stores the data every one hour for over 10 years
• Data stored includes Minimum and Maximum values of Voltage, Amps, Watts and Temperature (°C or °F)

Designed for Camper and or Solar 12v systems, RV batteries, Golf Carts, Marine and Boat applications, and any battery system (min 7v to max 20v).

Permissions required: Set Alarm, Read contents of SD card (for saving alarm threshold values), access to Bluetooth (for communicating to the Wireless Multimeter). No other permissions required!
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