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 WMSenseHub 3.0

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Secure Keyless Solution! The WMSenseHubApp is a highly secure Access Management Controls which is used to manage, monitor and operate the Bluetooth enabled WMSenseHub Smart Padlock. The Willowmore’s Smart Padlock Unit is designed to seamlessly address the challenges of managing access control and security systems by eliminating illegal duplications, theft and loss. At Willowmore, Security is key!

Our key features include:

Access feature: by downloading the WMSenseHub app, you can lock/unlock the WM Smart Padlock through the app. To do so, you need to push the shackle down until the LED light turns red, then lock/unlock it by just a click in the app. This feature is built to assure your property’s security. The padlock uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology which means that you won’t need to use network connectivity (3G,4G) to use the app or lock/unlock the Padlock*.
Grant permission: Using the app, you can share the access to family members, partners and friends. It is as easy as adding a friend on Facebook.
View history: WMSecure application provides a full audit trail of your lock’s activities, which allows visibility on access records as well as the duration spent.
Location tracking: Track the location of your Smart Padlock and its status through our advanced GPS feature.
IT Support: Get a prompt IT Support by contacting us via the app. We are all about developing brilliant inventions and providing awesome solutions. We found gratification in solving technical challenges for our customers.
*Network connectivity is required for job synchronisation, adding/deleting users, transmitting of data and location tracking. Offine bluetooth operation is available for a limited time to ensure uncompromised security. 

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