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Wrinkl is an actionable group messaging platform that addresses deficiencies in email and group chat. Productivity no longer needs to take a backseat to collaboration. Unlike other collaboration apps, Wrinkl provides a suite of easy-to-use tools that increase your efficiency and lower your stress. So turn up the volume and turn down the noise!

• References – miss a conversation or want to comment later? who needs threads! – now you can quickly retain context and/or refocus topics within conversations by “referencing” prior messages
• 1:1 Sidebars – need to whisper in someone’s ear without leaving the conversation? – now you can send a confidential 1:1 Sidebar message that is only visible to you and that person
• Email – stop switching between apps – need input from someone outside of your network? – no problem! now you can send an email message directly from any channel
• Surveys – trying to quickly collect feedback/gain consensus? who’s missing? – throw out the scratch pad! now you can quickly collect and compare responses to drive decisions
• Bundles – who said that and when? don’t have the time to summarize conversation in email? – now you can archive, append and tag key messages for future reference
• AAG – search got you in the doldrums? – why search when Wrinkl provides you what you need at-a-glance

Wrinkl simply works better!
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