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 XLauncher AIO 5.0.4

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Welcome to the all new light-weight X Launcher All In One! This launcher is One Of A Kind. This launcher is giving android users the ability to do different tasks all from their home screen. Some of the tasks include:

Making Calls: Press the phone button, dial the number or choose the contact, then press dial to make the call. **CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS**(Click "Customize" button to bring up customization options)

Taking pictures and videos: Just press the camera button in camera tab to start the camera app or press record button to record video!.
New Built in Gallery! Now Able to see all of your photos inside the app and even send the pics in sms!(Long press to open default gallery)

New Double Tap to lock feature added in settings tab. If turned on, it allows you to lock your phone by double tapping the home screen!(In order to uninstall app, you have to turn this feature off first)

Open Apps: Press the "X" button to see all of your installed apps.

New XLauncher IOS Theme(Beta) found in settings tab introducing full screens and other new features. Under construction

Built In Email! Now able to read, reply, and download attachments in email(gmail and yahoo available)
New Built In Social Media And Music Stream! Now able to use facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, or stream music all in one spot!(All Inside Of The Browser Tab!

New QuickCenter Everywhere! New feature where you can swipe up at bottom center of screen no matter what youre doing on any app(Works With Locked Screen as Well!) and be able to play or pause music and be able to quickly reply to recent messages, Including built in browser(*BETA*, lock screen mode(Beta), and toggle wifi!

New built in notepad! Now able to make up to currently 5 personal notes and access them within the app!(Beta)

New Lock Screen Mode! Now able to lock the screen completely from the quick center! Sets a new passcode locked screen to keep intruders from accessing phone.(Beta, currently not a way to bypass if you forgot passcode, please set something you will remember!*IMPORTANT*)

New Online Shopping Mode! Now able to quickly check prices or place orders at some of your favorite places to shop! Currently includes walmart, ali express, amazon and ebay. (If you have more places you like to shop please send me an email with suggestions)

New Offline Music! Download music from the music streamer and listen to it at anytime. Also have access to your music already on your phone!

New settings button: able to kill running services such as any of the social medias or music stream to save battery. You can also change button colors and turn wifi on and off.(Airplane mode and screen rotation coming soon)

All New XBattery Save Mode! Turn this feature on when you are just charging your phone or barely using the app to save more battery! (Found in settings tab)

New XSecurity Mode! Now able to add a passcode lock to the app to prevent others from accessing your social media or other personal information. No more intruders :)( Can be found in settings tab)

Search the web: Press the browser button and try out the new fast built-in web :)

*** CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS*** Click "Customize" button to change the browser to your needs :)
Hold "Tab" Button to go to google.com fast!
(Search history coming soon)
New button theme changer! Now able to change the colors of your button theme!

Quickly Send Messages: Press the message icon and type number or choose contact. Type the message then Send It.
*New inbox tab.

Please notify me of any crashes!

*Features coming soon!*
App stabilization
Ability to receive MMS messages

If you have any problems or requests do not hesitate to email me, please do not just give the app a bad rating :).
The app will be updated quite frequently :)
Each New Update Will Contain Bug Improvements Or New Features!
Please support and email me if you have any questions or requests : xtc.gxd@gmail .com
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