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Sell tickets from your phone, XTicketz is a mobile digital ticketing system that uses Barcode Technology & was designed specifically to manage the ticketing process of various events. This application facilitates tickets to be sold, scanned and managed from your mobile phone. XTicketz will solve many problems that are currently faced by promoters and event planners as it relates to duplication, theft, counterfeit, calculation and monitoring of ticket sales.

XTicketz will reduce your printing cost considerably, allows you to track your ticket sales thus helping you determine whether or not you need to boost your advertising, ticket sale or marketing by events date.

How it works

1. Create a sales representative account and assign a ticket quota.
2. Login as a sales rep and navigate to the ticket sales window.
3. Create and share ticket as text or image VIA SMS (Text Message) or WhatsApp, Facebook, Bluetooth, email & more (email is the recommended method).

Features include:

 Phone to Phone Ticket sales - Tickets can be sold to smart phones and non-smart phones via E-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Bluetooth, Instagram, SMS– (text message) and more.

 Ticket Verification - Tickets are scanned or verified at the event. There are 3 different methods to ticket verification.

o Using a Smartphone’s Camera
o SMS from any network
o Typing the ticket number

 Record Keeping - XTicketz records all tickets sold and verified which would include the type of ticket, price and the corresponding event etc.

 Error detection - The system detects duplicate and counterfeit tickets.

 User Assignments - Sales representatives and Ticket Scanners are assigned by the promoters or event planners.

 Profit Recon - Each time revenues from sales have been collected and added to XTicketz, XTicketz will do a profit reconciliation between tickets sold & revenues collected (e.g. $100 tickets sold - $30 revenue collected = $70 outstanding).

 Management - The system facilitates promoters and/or event planners to monitor ticket allocation, sales representatives, events, revenues and report generation.

o Reports include:

 Ticket sales per sales representative.
 Ticket count per sales representative.
 Ticket sales commission.
 Ticket scanned.
 Revenue collection
 Profit reconciliation
 Overall event ticket sales & count. (Tickets Sales Performance)
 Report share via social media apps
• Report comes in 2 formats
o Spreadsheet and Image.

 Ticket allocation - If a sales rep ticket quota is exhausted, the promoter or event planner can increase the sales representative’s ticket quota by a few clicks.

 Transaction Statement – Contain details on each ticket transaction that has been made per event (E.g. sales and scanning). Statement available upon request.

 Digital receipts – A digital receipt will be available for each sales representative to illustrate their sales progress, commission and revenue collection.

 Free Online Purchase Platform - All events and tickets will be available online for purchase through XTicketz online payment system called XPay.

 Online Purchase - Tickets can be purchased online via XPay with payments made securely through PayPal.

 Ads - Picture and video ads can be placed in XTicketz and XPay.

 Magic Ticket - Randomly select a ticket to give away a prize.

 Personalized Tickets – Your events tickets are personalized with your events art work.

 Wholesale Tickets – Tickets can be sold in bulk (e.g. 1x50 tickets, 1x150 tickets or more) to retailers and or distributors at a lowered cost.
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