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In order to really get started with reducing your energy consumption and getting hold of your energy bill, insight is needed. The online service Ynni provides detailed insight into real-time energy consumption and costs. Ynni analyses data from your smart meter and recognizes the usage of appliances and rates the appliance efficiency. The budget manager shows you on a monthly base how much energy is being consumed, disaggregation of consumption over categories and insights on comparison with own historical consumption and with similar households.

You can start saving energy once you understand where your energy is being consumed. Ynni provides tips and advice based on analytics of your consumption. Monthly, competitions are offered to help you improving your appliance efficiency.

The results will be visible immediately. Ynni shows you what the benefits are from turning down the heater, turning of electrical appliances which you don't really use, using led lights, replacing an old washing machine or insulating your house.

Thus, energy is never wasted and you are always in control of your energy consumption and bills.

Ynni provides:

- Real-time insight
- Historical insight in energy and gas
- Monthly budget-manager and energy disaggregation
- Daily appliance recognition
- Compare appliance usage both with peers and in time
- The app works in combination with the SmartBridge WiFi dongle for your smart meter.
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