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Yoga & Relax Melodies: Sleeping Sounds regain control of your sleep. Discover the power of sounds and fall asleep easily with Relax Melodies,
the app for sleep and relaxation. Create your own soundscapes with sleep sounds and melodies and discover
the answer to insomnia, nighttime anxiety, tinnitus. Mix. Play. Sleep. It’s that simple.

Some of the great features:

★ High quality soothing sounds
★ Better uninterrupted sleep
★ Customizable atmospheres
★ Help against snoring
★ Simple and beautiful design
★ Timer - so the app turns off automatically
★ Beautiful background images


Over 100 sounds to create your very own relaxation mix:
★ Nature sounds
★ Ambient melodies
★ White noise, pink noise, brown noise, etc.
★ 6 different frequencies of binaural beats and isochronic tones to help you relax, sleep and dream


You’ll love combining your sounds to our guided meditations, specifically designed to help you:

★ Combat insomnia
★ Get relief from tinnitus
★ Reduce stress and anxiety
★ Understand your dreams
★ Develop a nap routine

You can enjoy 12 customizable nature sounds:

★ Refreshing Rain
★ Rain in forest
★ Rainforest
★ Vivid Creek
★ Autumn Woods
★ Evening Beach
★ Airplane Sounds
★ Train Sounds
★ Rain on Windshield
★ Cave sounds
★ Soothing Night
★ Winter Cottage

Enjoy the app and happy Yoga, Relax and Sleeping!
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