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The YourDay Balance Game is the newest way to experience many more magical moments. Watch your friends and fellow athletes from around the world play a health and fitness game of habits that will inspire you to greater heights in love and balance. Choose to play and inspire your tribe and many more as they discover the truth about what keeps you healthy, fit and joyful.

Why people watch:

* To be inspired by friends and top players who refuse to lay down in fear as their health slips away.

* To learn the truth about what it really takes to be healthy and fit from a collective community.

* To understand a new paradigm that can balance out their health and fitness lifestyle.

Why people play:

* To make daily deposits into their emotional bank account so that life becomes less stressful.

* To be held accountable by the friends and family members that are counting on needed inspiration.

* To set an example for their tribes on how to place their health and fitness first everyday.

What people discover:

* By practicing the simplest habits weekly, you can truly transform your health and view on life completely.

* That they can create their life more effectively by empowering themselves through healthy habits.

* That there are plenty of habits to choose from for everyone that are simple, doable, and effective.

What are some features in the YDBG app:

* Create your own balance chart and edit it.

* Create your own personal team.

* Share your posts with several of the biggest social media platforms.

* Create your own profile and attract watchers.

* Comment on your friends posts and share them with others.

* Search for friends and the top players in the world.

* Receive notifications from watchers and other players as they give you feedback and share your posts around the world.

* Connect with and hire coaches to guide you through understanding the best habits for you personally.

* Post magical moments in your life through your Balance Chart.

* Connect with other players within the game by messaging them personally.

Getting started is easy. Download the app and watch for free. Watching, engaging, and discovering new and healthy ways to balance out your body and life will always be free. If you would love to become a player then simply select the play button and choose an option to start your balance chart for a 1-month free trial. If you would like to continue being inspirational by building watchers and creating a powerful team after your trial then you can continue for $9.99/month. Cancel anytime.

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