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Zamphy is a digital platform for creative individuals & institutions. Zamphy is a library based project in the field of literature related to science, history, fiction, non-fiction, manuscripts, stupa scripts, religious collections, art and music.

Zamphy members can access the huge library of various collections, members can read books & literature from the library, publish their own writings on the platform & earn fees from the platform on the basis of sales of those literature.
Professional & hobby writers in any field can publish their content on the platform and earn from sales of those digital content on Zamphy.
Publishers & publishing houses can publish the digital version of their publications on the platform and earn from sales of their content.
Zamphy also invites members with manuscripts, ancient literature collections to contribute their digital content on the platform for sales.
At Zamphy, we welcome members to digitize books in various languages. Zamphy digitizers will be paid for their digitization services.

About Team Zamphy

Zamphy is an assembly of experts with years of experience in library management, supply chain management, project delivery, manuscript archive, publishing & digitization. Zamphy consists of renowned serious professionals with domain expertises in literature, art, history, science, medical science, music & fictional creations. Complete experience spans about 1000+ years of on field experience.

About Zamphy Technology Team

Zamphy is proud of its technology backbone placed in Indian subcontinent with 680 years of cumulative experience spread across Data Mining, Data Security, IoT, Blockchain, Web Technology, Embedded Technology, middleware development, graphics, solidity, application development, and customer experience domains. Zamphy is hence a strong technology based digital platform with a solid project of digital knowledge marketplace, which makes thousands of transactions happen every millisecond. It’s absolutely flawless, steady & robust

About ICO & Cryptocurrency“A lot of what’s happening in the ICO market is actually fraud,”
Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse.

“People say ICOs are great for ethereum because, look at the price, but it’s a ticking time-bomb, there’s an over-tokenization of things as companies are issuing tokens when the same tasks can be achieved with existing blockchains. People are blinded by fast and easy money.”
Charles Hoskinson, Former CEO, Ethereum

Why Blockchain?

It has been observed that (a) authors are most neglected in books & publishing industry despite being the most creative & deserving the maximum recognition & remuneration. (b) lyricist are the most ignored entity in the business of music. (c) digitizers all over the world are paid the least and in the bottom of the chart always.

Zamphy, being on blockchain, will ensure every bottom-of-the-pyramid creative scholar is rewarded, remunerated & recognized for their creations. We’ll call them The Zamphian, we’ll call you a Zamphian. We shall integrate blockchain to IoT very soon to establish the most robust technologies as backbone to digital books platform for optimum performance & value addition to the publishing & arts industries.
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