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 Zero IQ Test – Reverse Logic 1.14

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Could this be the hardest reverse logic game ever?!

In Zero IQ Test the goal is simple – DO NOT do whatever the mad scientist Simon says! On the screen you’ll see up to four different buttons, all you need to do is NOT press the button Simon says!

You’ll only get a short period of time to make your decision, putting your reverse logic and reaction speed to the ultimate test. With each level the game gets faster and faster, giving you less time to make your decision. Click on the wrong option and it’s game over!

The gameplay in this brain teaser is simple, but doing the opposite of what Simon says is tricky! When you see the word “left” on the screen, the first thing you want to do is click the left arrow. Don’t! Click the right one!

How to play Zero IQ Test
• You will see a word at the top of the screen
• … And buttons below
• One button will match the word. The others will not.
• Click on the button that does NOT match the word at the top of the screen
• Make your decision before the time runs out
• As the game progresses, time runs out faster and there are more options to press

Zero IQ Test – Highlights
• Easy to play brain teaser, suitable for anybody
• Do the opposite of what Simon says
• Challenge your brain - do the opposite of what it wants to do
• Exercise both sides of your brain and improve cognitive function
• Test & improve your reaction speed
• Fast-paced gameplay great for killing time wherever you are!
• Compete against friends online!

Zero IQ Test is a brain teaser with a twist. It’s the perfect way to exercise both parts of your brain, improve your logic skills and cognitive function. With fun, simple, fast-paced gameplay, Zero IQ Test is the perfect way to kill time and exercise your brain!

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