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ZombieArena is a map for MCPE, in which there are so many zombies that you probably will regret about saying that.

Disclaimer. We don't cooperate with Mojang. Minecraft Pocket Edition - the Mojang trademark. We are guided by terms: account.mojang.com/terms

In this map for Minecraft 10 difficulty levels on the same ZombieArena await you. Each level is a new wave of zombies, of all kinds that you've ever met in games. Are you ready to fight with a huge bunch of monsters? Download this survival game for MCPE ZombieArena.

At first the Arena seems completely deserted and no mobs and zombie even there is no any hint to them, but suddenly you see a wall with levers. Above each lever is the level name. It will be better if you start from the very first level, otherwise you will be unpleasantly shocked by the number of zombie that will get out of the center of the Arena! Take advantages from your terrible adventure! Collect everything that you can collect after the zombie, because all this can be turned into gold. Please note that this MCPE game has slots for gold. Putting gold there, you always get something in return. Therefore, your goal on this survival game is not only to survive after a fight with terrible zombies, but also to collect gold!

Do not forget that this is a survival map, but not a self-supporting game. To run it, you will need to install Minecraft Pocket Edition. Attention! You will not need any third-party applications, you need Minecraft Pocket Edition only.

Fight with zombies on MCPE ZombieArena map!
Survival map for Pocket Edition can download free only!
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