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 Zombie Shooter Survival 1.2

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In an island far away, there are people experimenting on prisoners. The scientist and biologist were trying to create a superhuman at result of experiments. Trying to modify the genetic code of human beings they corrupted it and now all of the prisoners have become monsters craving only blood. An outbreak happens and these super evil monsters that have broken free from the chains of humanity infected the whole prison and guards within a day.
These zombies have now fled in the city and are causing destruction everywhere. Many of the people are dead, and many are infected but still there are people hiding in their homes, basements, cars and supermarkets. Special task force has been assigned the mission to rescue people and shutdown virus once and for all.
Jump into the dead zombie land and fight in the era of zombie apocalypse. Do you have guts to survive this thrilling war? In this modern Zombie war game kill many zombies and rescue people. Any mishap and you’ll find yourself among the dead.
Join the ranks of special task force and stop the zombie virus from infecting the whole city. Kill as many zombies as you can and clear the sector. Fight and face death in multiple deathly missions like survival mode and boss kill. Each modes has different levels, when you clear simple levels, next levels of every mode very difficult, your land in dangerous, be careful. Take your survival instincts to next level and enjoy realistic graphics, stunning music and splendid sound effects. Enjoy the super realistic animations of zombies and amazing animation and simulation of police force of special force. There’s no time for mercy, it’s either do or die in this haunted city.
Enjoy the battle with amazing weaponry and special futuristic guns. Take down enemies with head shots and critical shots. Kill the walking, running and crawling zombies. Choose from the multiple options of lethal armory. You can use medical packs when you have low health. Look for hidden medical packs as well. Use grenades when zombies rush on you. Take down the vicious and brutal zombie boss and superior zombies of all time zombie games. Enjoy the best of zombie survival game in zombie shooter: survival war.
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