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 Zombie Shooter to Death 1.2

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It is time to act as zombie death shooter and kill the rest of the zombies right after zombie wipeout by an antidote. Kill every zombie you see in the sniper scope and wipeout all the zombies by dead target from the face of the Earth. Strike the cemetery and haunted castle area and kill sniper zombie targets.

The zombie apocalypse is over and antidote is out to eliminate all the zombies on the Earth. People all around the world got together to invent the antidote and succeeded in making zombie antidote. This antidote is airborne and targets the zombies infected NDA and kill the cells. This antidote was effective in the form of gas and target dead zombies. Many zombies have survived this antidote and scientists are working on a stronger antidote. These living dead are outnumbered and brave people like you had decided to hunt zombie which is less than before. So get ready for zombie hunting and zombie shooter to death adventure.

Zombie apocalypse was started and these living dead started eating people and their brains. That was a tough time to combat living dead and target zombie dead. Sniper were easy on killing living dead and target zombie from long distances with long range snipers. Unfortunately, humanity got low on weapons and did not dare to search for more ammo. After the discovery of antidote many zombies were targeted and eliminated in zombie shooter to death era.

People have decided to go to army camps and collect ammo for their snipers and attack zombies until the new antidote is out. Use your sniper gun to shoot the zombie target and eliminate them with headshots. The living dead are located in cemetery and haunted castles. Get there and stay at distance to target zombies and zombie shooting to death. Do not show mercy to these walking dead or living dead, take aim, pull the trigger and kill them with headshots. The leftover zombies are strong, so choose your long range sniper and start your night as zombie shooter to death.

Main Features:
Awesome 3D cemetery and haunted castle zombie hunt environment.
Advanced sniper and penetration bullets give an instant target zombie death.
Zombie groaning near you, give a thrilling game experience.
HD haunting sound makes this zombie death hunter game more fun.

How to play:
Pick up your long range zombie shooting sniper and take aim for head shots.
Use zoom button to zoom into the area and press the shoot button to take a kill.
Hunt down all the zombies before the second antidote is out.
Complete all the zombie hunter and shooter to death missions to save humanity.
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