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 Billiards Pool Cars: Car Pool Ball Stunt 1.11


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A sumptuous greeting to the lover of change in demolition derby games where he will be in live contact of the new concept of racing on pool table with the realistic chance and opportunity of a long list of pool table stunts in this lately tuned pool table race. In this modern concept of pool games, the player is in command and control of the vehicle which is cue ball of billiard games and he has to break pool of cars instead of balls of snooker games and he will finally pot all the balls of the ball pool in the specific or allotted time limit of giant pool table. This pool game has been specially designed by keeping in concern all the basic and fundamental demands of the players of derby cars of car racing games who have been tired by the old and orthodox style of the pool table with routine and conventional pocket billiards which are quite similar to the conventional snooker table. Here in this new episode of the billiard table, he will definitely feel an innovative change of pocket in pool table with broader perspectives of pool ball. Be the part of this snooker pool and avail this chance of becoming the true legend of this state to the art car pool of the derby racing of multifaceted impossible games. You have a novel chance and unique opportunity just like the car stunts of impossible tracks where you are in the control of your multifaceted car driving simulator.

You have all like the car destruction, car crash, drift racing and crazy stunts but with entirely changed and modified perspectives where you have a lot to relish yourselves with the change which you are always looking for during the street racing of car drifting games. There is a large pool table with an arrangement of cars on it with the player car of demolition derbies of muscle car games. You have to pot all the balls in the pockets by using your real playing skills in this stunt driving which is quite dissimilar to the car driving games. The pockets of this mega ramp are connected to one another in the width of the table and are just like the sport car driving of luxury car games. Apart from this, you can excel from this and can perform different speed stunts by going through tunnels and tubes like the freestyle stunts of stunt racing games. This aspect of the game bids you to avail the off road driving where you will try your level best to avoid all sort of car demolition in order to complete and perform the ramp jump of sports car racing. This feature of this expedition duals the scope of the player of ramp car who can enjoy the double joy of ball pool with the backup of hard parking, rooftop stunts, rooftop jump, ramp stunts and impossible stunts of stunt games and these all are much more from the stereo type monster truck of truck stunts. Your mission is to pot all the cars on the table in specific time and act like the real stunt lover of demolition derby games.
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