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Beautiful Guinea Pig Wallpaper Graphics HD Backgrounds Free!

Guinea Pigs type of domesticated rodents of the genus pigs family caviidae. Despite its name is not related to the family of pigs as well as marine animals are not related to Guinea. Were domesticated Inca and used as a source of valuable meat as well as for decorative purposes. In one version derived from kutlerovoy pig on the other by Cavia aperea tschudii. Both alleged ancestor living in Peru.

Guinea pigs were domesticated 5 millennium tribes of the Andes of South America for human consumption after a few thousand years after the domestication of camelids in South America. Statues dating from the period representing were found during archaeological excavations in Peru and Ecuador. People Culture Moche worshiped and portrayed them on the subjects of art. From 1200 until the Spanish conquest in 1532 was carried out breeding work which allowed to bring a lot of breeds some of which are the foundations for the modern home.

Scientific name Cavia porcellus Where porcellus Latin means little pig and savia novolatinsky term derived from sabiai the animal's name in the language of Ghalib tribes that existed in the territory of French Guiana. Breeders usually use a more formal name Cavy While the widespread name. This name presumably borrowed from the Polish Morska and Polish from the German Meerschweinchen which literally means guinea pig.

Comparison of pigs from pig is not entirely clear. Perhaps because of the characteristic sounds made by animals as well as the proportions of the head to the body, thick neck and lack of waist. Also they are constantly eating and can live in small zagonchik which are usually used on ships for pigs. At home guinea pigs local Indian tribes used them for food. Currently, almost everywhere in South America use guinea pigs for food. Taste and nutritional value of the meat close to the rabbit and chicken that is dietary.

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