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✔ Learn about "" Hindu Music "", its features and some songs with old Indian or Indian melodies important in India.
For lovers of Indu music, this app contains music videos of Indic music from the best-known Bollywood films.
Indic music in Spanish 2016 and famous Indian song 2018 with the most popular music in India.

✔ The music in India is divided into two: the carnatic music of the south of the country and the classic Hindustani of the north.
Indu songs with musical genres where elevated chants and rhythm give an exotic style.
Indian songs and Indian music from modern movies with songs from India in various musical genres.

✔ You will meet the best known playback singers from India with songs from the Indian pop genre, from Indian music and typical or traditional Indian songs
Indic music with classic Indian songs, with fusions of rock, pop and other more modern rhythms such as traditional electronic music and modern Hindu music.
The dj's include in their mixes sounds of india with the best musical genre of india to dance, set your parties and meetings.

✔ There are three genres in Hindu music: bhajan, kirtan and classical music .:
The bhajan are Hindu songs of devotion and lyrical language, in which the love of divinities is expressed.
The kirtan are the songs or communal songs, like call and answer of the mantras, accompanied by instruments and dances.
In Indian classical music all the melodies or ragas, affect in a particular way, the different chakras and have mental, biological and spiritual effects that are associated with the stimulation of chakras.
Currently in Indian music there are genres such as ballad and pop, which have merged with the rhythms and instruments of Hindu culture.
Traditional Indian music or Indian music includes classical Indian, kirtan, bhajan, as well as other musical genres.

✔ Many times the most popular gods are sung in Indian songs.
There are two main types of Hindu music:
The profane music that is the combination between the music of India and the Arab culture.
Religious music was sung to worship

✔ The most musical instruments that can be found within this Hindu melody:
The sitar is a stringed instrument played to accompany songs and dances, like the traditional guitar and is introduced in many songs.
The vina similar to the zither or the lute. It is played horizontally and to play it a strumming plectrum is used as with the guitar.
Tambura or lute pakistani elongated and contains 4 strings to accompany the edges.
The table is two drums and they are played with the hands, which causes a more tense sound.
The shehnai is a flute similar to the oboe, with a sound strong enough to play classical pieces in India.
The sarangi or Hindu violin, is the bow instrument, most required in the songs of India.

✔ Indu mix music, to listen to indu online song with the most listened to bollywood artists.
Hindu hall music is usually put on celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries ..
The romantic songs with a rhythm and a singing technique to sing to love.

✔ The very popular hindus dances are seen in Bollywood productions, on television and in the cinema.
All about the indu songs that contain the videos of this free app.
Ind music videos of shahrukh khan with indu songs translated into Spanish.

✔ Indic music of movies to listen and music indu the most beautiful songs in various musical genres
Indian classical music is one of the oldest and most well-known played with the most popular musical instruments of India, download this app and share.
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