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 Hungry Lion Simulator 2019 0.01


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🦁 Play as real Lion Family Simulator 2019 and survive in the wildness as long as you can. Start your own pride of lions, fight for your life against fierce animals like elephants, rhino and hippo. Evolve your Lion to be the king of the wild world.

Angry lion attack & revenge story! The wild lion is on the loose, the city is your jungle. Run as fast as you can with those powerful legs. Release your mate from cruel hunters after deadly city battle in Lion Family Simulator 2019 - HUNTING GAMES. Take control of a wild lion that pounces and attacks its prey. Angry lion revenge 2019, leap into a thrilling new adventure as a ferocious lion and hunt ruthlessly. You are made to slay and rule in lion fighting games. You have to be a ruthless hunter to your prey with lion simulator. Hunt human or animals and release your mate from city hunters equipped with spears, sniper rifles, guns & ammo in lion city attack game with the best of lion survival simulation. Lion simulator games 2019 were never been so electrifying. This angry lion city attack sim you will be the biggest carnivorous cat and start hunting around the town streets. Unleash the wrath of the mighty beast in the city – chase citizens, other wild animals, attack cars and trucks and create ultimate city destruction! Be the most brutal predator but beware human warfare – tanks, helicopters even usual assault rifles or revolvers of ordinary police cops may shoot you. Hunt or be hunted in this lion attack game. Forget lion vs tiger games and play this latest lion attack in a city game which is complete entertainment. In this angry lion rampage simulator, keep alert all the time and maintain your lion’s health, energy and hunger rate to survive and have fun with Lion simulator city attack RPG survival.

You have ultimate tiger family simulator of baby tiger simulators like cheetah family or cougar sim in tiger family simulator games or wild tiger simulator. Play Lion Family Simulator 2019 - HUNTING GAMES. In wild tiger simulator games, you will play the life of a tiger game for animals kingdom. Angry tiger hunt animal in pet tiger cat games. Enjoy angry tiger family simulator games for tiger beer or wild tiger simulator by angry lion animal hunting in wildlife simulator games. Learn angry tiger attack 3d and tiger hunt to baby tiger cat or angry tiger cub. Its angry tiger hunting game. Compete animal family in angry tiger simulator 3d games for tiger cub or cougar sim to defeat all big animal and enjoy angry tiger revenge fight animal in angry tiger family simulator games or games for tiger.

Features of Lion Family Simulator 2019 - HUNTING GAMES

🦁 Be the king of all animals in the jungle by playing Lion Games.
🦁 Hunt out animals and eat them!

🦁 Make them your prey!

🦁 A large collection of animals to attack like Cheetah, tiger, Jaguar, Lioness, Rhino, Gazelle, Elephant, zebra, deer, buffalo and lots more, it really is the best hunting games.

🦁 Variety of attacks, including Bite, Claw, Pounce and automated Power Attacks to simulate an angry tiger in a hunting safari.

🦁 All the jungle animals can sense you so do not make any noises when you're out to get them in this lion simulator.
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