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 Learn Xhosa / English Grammar, Verbs, & Vocabulary 3.9


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On your way to a new country and want to freshen up your language skills? Don’t waste your time, paper, and money writing out tons of flashcards by hand. Lucky for you, “There’s an app for that!” We’ve put together approximately 150 fun and useful phrases for you to work on while you travel. Just tap on the blue bottom screen after taking an educated guess at the translation to reveal the answer. When you’re done memorizing the right answer, swipe right or tap the right arrow to move on to the next English/Xhosa phrase or word.

Happen to be taking a language course at your local college? Let us help you pass! You can switch back and forth from English to Xhosa by tapping the circular arrows at the top left of your screen. The app doesn’t need the web so feel free to disconnect from the network and avoid your parents yelling at you for using all the data. Use it on your way to class, midterms, or finals to freshen up. Bored on the bus? Why not study!

There’s absolutely no need for an internet connection which makes our app convenient for flights, long out of the way road trips, or pesky expensive data plans.

Support your child’s education by playing and learning with him/her. Use the capital letter on the bottom screen if you’re stuck. It will always be the first letter of the translation you’re trying to memorize. We appreciate all feedback. Let us know what you think in the comments.

*Swipe left and right to switch between words
*Use the capital letter as a hint for the translation
*Tap the blue screen to reveal the translation.
*Tap the translation to give it another go.

Some may think that flashcards are a bit outdated for today’s tech savvy population. While we at Feral Cat partially agree with the fact that physical cards are now outdated, we still believe there is plenty of room and demand for digital ones.

Regardless of how technology advances, learning at its base stays fundamentally the same. People expose themselves to new information and repeat that exposure over an extended period in hopes to make that information stick.

“What about that time I burned my hand? I didn’t have to repeat that for me to learn!” some people might question. Yes, that is completely correct. Attaching intense emotion to some sort of stimulus may in fact increase the speed at which a person learns, but we cannot in good faith condone that anybody stick their hand over a candle when they incorrectly guess a translation. Instead we’d like to use similar logic and condone that you make the experience a positive one by getting your friends to play along.

Regardless if you do or don’t have a language partner, our Flashcards were designed for you. We make sure you don’t have to awkwardly cover the translation like may be necessary if you were using any old translator. We want you to learn and thus try to prevent your involuntary peeking. The goal here is to learn English/Xhosa not to cheat yourself!

We’re offering the app completely for free and therefore include in app marketing. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the marketing and hope it isn’t too distracting. Do let us know if we should tone it down a bit.

Feral Cat’s sole goal is to become a key resource in your English/Xhosa education tool box. We think the best way to do this is to give the user a simple user interface and key words that will get them started on their educational journey. Good luck on your endeavor!
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