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Lobby, as a sitting room or waiting room for visitors, becomes an area that is important enough to note. As with its function, a lobby as a front area of ​​a building needs to be designed in such a way as to be able to comfort the actors in it. What to consider when designing a lobby?

A good lobby is an attractive and can show the image of a building or company. What kind of lobby would you like to display in your office? To be able to design an interesting lobby, you need to know in advance what activities will be perpetrators of activity (visitors) in a lobby. You need to consider what various decorations are needed to support the lobbying function itself.

How to design a lobby to attract and stay comfortable for the actors of activity in it? A lobby should not only be attractive, but also easily recognizable when you enter a building. In addition to adjusting to the concept of lobbying that you want to show, in designing the lobby you also need to pay attention to how to display the image of your building company into your lobby. Meanwhile, for lighting the lobby area, you can use general lighting.

For those of you who are planning to redesign your office lobby, you can look for examples of the design of the existing lobby as an inspiration. It will make it easier for you to get a design idea like what you want. You can look for examples of lobby designs that can serve as inspiration.

The design of the office lobby can not be separated with the attractive and modern receptionist interior. The level of office elektabilitas on the views of visitors either clients or guests will make the image of the office more and more trusted if it looks modern, neat and elegant. If you have an office and find the lobby or receptionist look very simple and unconvincing, we believe 90% of people will have more do not so go into your office.

This has been proven between visitors coming to the office that looks modern and elegant and visitors who come to the office whose receptionist there are only folding tables and chairs and minimal office interiors such as just empty walls and wall clocks. It is very influential on the success of your negotiation with prospective clients who come to visit your office.

For the form of lobby room is usually used on the upper floors. Use the wooden floor as its base and also the minimalist idea on the receptionist. On the wall is coated with a series of smooth and shiny stone to provide a cold atmosphere in the recessive atmosphere extends to the lobby.

If you have a large office lobby space. Spacious room can make the visitor's relief and also the air circulation that feels cool because it is not narrow. On the wall taped wallpaper which if you want to have a lobby like this you can change the wallpaper in accordance with the field of specialization of your work will be more attractive to visitors and also prospective clients your office.

The famous gaming company's lobby, on the wall behind the sofa furniture is a glass decorated with game ornaments and the company's logo. This company can say that "we are game maker company, we are ready to serve you to build a game to your liking". It is important if the office lobby can answer what the minds of clients or visitors when they set foot in the lobby of your company.

For the lobby and interior of the office receptionists, the principle is to use a slightly dim lighting that gives the impression that this office is an elegant office, for the floor using solid wood floor and also added plants in the space so the office looks a bit natural.

Combining glass walls and wall walls as if they were old but applied into modern shapes. Models like these are a combination of complex and also unique that can cultivate a sense of curiosity for potential clients and visitors who come to such offices.
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