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 Ottoman Empire Knowledge Competition Game 1.0


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The resurrection started from Osman Gazi, the son of Ertuğrul Gazi, followed by Payitaht Sultan Abdulhamid II, Sultan VI. There are questions about the Ottoman Empire, which ended with Mehmed. You know the Ottomans who passed from the state to the empire from the state. Learn Osmanlı with hundreds of questions. 36 The sultan and hundreds of questions. Kpss, high school, university questions to help. The beginning and end of a democracy. Osman Bey, the Ottoman empire which took the Sultanate of Selim and Yavuz Sultan Selim and took the sultanate position, extending from Egypt to Lehistan, II. Abdulhamit and the resistance of the Ottoman Empire in the war of liberation. Take a look at this application which closely relates Turkish History!
* Mr. Osman
* Orhan Bey
* Lightning Bayezid
* Çelebi Mehmet
* II.Murat
* Fatih Sultan Mehmet
* II.Bayezid
* Yavuz Sultan Selim
* Suleiman The Magnificent
* II.Selim
* III.Murat
* III.Mehmet
* I.Mustafa
* II.Osman
* IV.Murat
* Sultan Abraham
* IV.Mehmet
* II.
* II.Ahmet
* II.Mustafa
* III.Ahmet
* III.Osman
* III.Mustafa
I. Abdulhamid
* III.SElim
* IV.Mustafa
* II.Mahmut
* Sultan Abdülmecid
* Sultan Abdülaziz
* V.Murat
* Sultan II Abdülhamid Han
* Sultan Resat
* VI.Mehmet (Vahdettin)

Application Usage
+ 5 different sections
+ Classical knowledge competition (All Ottoman History)
+ True-false information contest. (True-False)
+ The chance to compete with your friends. (Up to 8 players can be played.)
+ Art information contest (Ottoman family paintings)
+ Audio information contest. (mehteran anthems)
+ Unlimited questions and the chance to play as many as you like.
+ There is no in-app purchase, you can play the game without spending money.
+ The Ottoman Empire Information Gleaming Game is free
+ Convenient interface and HD graphics.
+ Great animations
* Over time new questions will be added and updated.
* If you think it is a missing or incorrect question, please indicate in comments.
Good luck and good fun.
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