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SiteKiosk is a fast, secure kiosk lockdown browser including app control for Android tablets accessible to the public and / or a digital signage player for advertising displays.

SiteKiosk protects the Android OS against unwanted manipulation by the user and provides 24/7 maintenance-free operation.

IMPORTANT: This version offered here includes ADVERTISING. For a ad-free version you have to buy SiteKiosk. SiteKiosk without ads is not a free kiosk software. SiteKiosk is a professional solution for large projects of up to 10,000 installations.
This Android-Version is tested with many Tablets using Android 4.4, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and 8.x.

PROVISIO also offers a Windows based Version of SiteKiosk. Please visit our website at www.provisio.com.

Supported languages: English, German, Russian, French and Spanish

Quick Start Guide: http://www.provisio.com/Link/SKAQuick


Configuration Tool
SiteKiosk comes with a streamlined configuration tool that is optimized for the touch operation of your tablet. You can make configuration changes directly on the mobile device and view the effects immediately.

App control
Limit the use of your tablets to one or several installed apps. The app can be started automatically.

Browser Lockdown & Auto Recovery
SiteKiosk Android protects your operating system and, in particular, your system settings from any type of unauthorized access. The included software watchdog ensures that your browser will remain functional at all times. Even after a crash SiteKiosk will restart automatically.

Remote Administration and Monitoring
SiteKiosk for Android can exchange data with the SiteRemote Server (www.siteremote.net) to create statistics, change configurations, and monitor mobile devices. SiteRemote.net can be tested free of charge for 30 days.

Digital signage
SiteRemote allows you to create digital signage campaigns and distribute then to Android clients. SiteRemote.net can be tested free of charge for 30 days.

Schedule sleep mode
You can determine when the device enters sleep mode.

Automatic browser reset and logout
SiteKiosk respects the privacy of the user. A session end can be initiated by the user or after a defined amount of idle time automatically. This resets the browser to the original state and clears data such as history, cookies and cache.

Display in Fullscreen Mode
SiteKiosk has a browser skin and a fullscreen skin available. You can specify that the fullscreen mode only be enabled for specific URLs.

Customizable User Interface
The browser interface is based on open web technology and is freely customizable with knowledge of HTML. The current version comes with 4 new themes (skins: light, dark, carbon, metal) and now also offers the possibility to create and use your own designs.

Restricted Surfing Area
The surfing area allows you to define which URLs the user is allowed to access. You can, for instance, restrict the user's access to only your organization's websites.

On-screen Keyboards
SiteKiosk allows the Android touchscreen keyboard.

Internet Content Filter
The content filter determines in real time which websites may be inappropriate for young people. In the configuration, you can select categories of website content that is forbidden. When a user accesses websites on the tablet, SiteKiosk Android will check if it belongs in a selected category of forbidden content and block it accordingly.

Screen saver
When the device is not in use, the screensaver lets you schedule and present web content or digital signage.

Facial Recognition
SiteKiosk for Android recognizes when someone looks at the screen and can then terminate the screen saver automatically.

Log Files
SiteKiosk will maintain log files to keep track of all activity.

Simple de-installation of SiteKiosk is supported by starting that process from the configuration editor.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission!
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    2.9 build 8143 (9219

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    15. 5. 2019

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