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 Skyblock Maps for MCPE 1.0

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No monsters, no zombies, but no resources either. Well there are few, but would it be enough for you to survive or get to another island?
This type of maincraft games would take a lot of brain work and logic to stay in game as long as possible. So would you dare to try those survival minecraft mini games?

This app collected the best Minecraft PE Maps of survivalcraft kind:

* Breaking Shards Skyblock
* Trading Skyblock
* Skyblock Planet
* Mega Skyblock
* Skyblock Challenge
* New Skyblock

Breaking Shards Skyblock
Challenge your survival skills try Breaking Shards Skyblock maps for minecraft pe free which is a great survival maynkraft game. There are 11 different islands that you can explore if you’ll be able to survive and build a way to them. Each island is unique. They include everything from floating pirate ships to mushroom islands.

Trading Skyblock
This is an improved version of the original skyblock survival minecraft maps for pe. It allowes you to use the store where you can buy and sell items that you get on the skyblock island. If you’ll be able to survive and collect enough resources you will eventually be able to go to the End and fight the Ender Dragon.

Skyblock Planet
With this survival maps for Minecraft PE you’ll start out on a small planet. Use the resources you find to survive and build your way through the rest of the galaxy to another planets. There are lots of different planets and each one is unique. For example, one planet is a miniature of The End and another is made out of just slime blocks.
It will take about three weeks to complete the map!

Mega Skyblock
This map for minecraft pe is a little bit different from the original skyblock survival minecraft maps for mcpe instead of just one it has 23 different islands which you is required to go out and explore in order to complete the map. Each island is supposed to symbolize a biome or a dimension and will provide you with new materials you can use to survive.

Skyblock Challenge
This map is a skyblock survival challenge where the main goal is to get to the final - Diamond Island. You will start out on a small island with just a few resources. Use resources carefully to survive and in order to one day have the necessary building blocks to create the bridge to another island. Moving from one island to another you’ll finally will reach the last one.

New Skyblock
This is an incredibly challenging survival map where the goal is to survive for as many days as you can using whatever resources you find. Naturally there is an extreme lack of resources and you must think carefully before using each item. Don’t waste resources as it may lead to certain death. Try this challenge and let us know in the comments how long you survived.

1) Chose a map
2) Download it
3) Find .McWorld file in your File Manager and open it.
Your Minecraft Pocket Edition free would install it.
4) Open MCPE and chose your map.

If you are not afraid to try your surviving skills, download this app, install mcpe maps and try your best!
Good luck!
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