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Sūrat an-Nāziʻāt (Arabic: سورة النازعات‎‎, “Those Who Pull Out”, in reference to “the angels who tear out the souls of the wicked”) is the seventy-ninth sura of the Qur'an with 46 ayat. Its name derived from the word wan-nazi‘at with which it opens. The root (n-z-‘) roughly means “to yank out with great force”,[2] although it can also mean “to yearn for” or “to yearn after”.[3]

Period of revelation[edit]
Its subject matter testifies that Sūrat an-Nāziʻāt belongs to the earliest period at Makkah. According to Hadrat Abdullah bin Abbas, this Surah was sent down before Surah An-Naba, whilst Muḥammad Khaṭīb has opined that surah 79 was revealed around five years before the Hegira, although other commentators have dated the surah’s revelation at eight years before the Hegira.[4] Western Qur’an scholar Richard Bell has argued that parts of surah 79, notably the opening verses, may date from a later Meccan period,[5] though this is not generally accepted by other scholars.

Theme and subject matter[edit]
Its theme is affirmation of Resurrection and the life hereafter. It also warns of the consequences of belying the Messenger of God.

The Surah opens with oaths sworn by the angels who take the soul at deaths and those who hasten to carry out Allah’s Commands, and those who conduct the affairs of the universe according to Divine Will, to assure that the Resurrection will certainly come to pass and the second life after death will certainly take place. For the angels who are employed to pluck out the soul today can also be employed to restore the soul tomorrow, and the angels who promptly execute Allah's Commands and conduct the affairs of the universe today can also upset the order of the universe tomorrow by orders of the same God and can also bring about a new order.

After this the people have been told, so as to say: “This work which you regard as absolutely impossible, is not any difficult for Allah, for which He may have to make lengthy preparations. Just a single jolt will upset this system of the world and a second jolt will be enough to cause you to appear as living beings in the new world. At that time the same people who were wont to deny it, would be trembling with fear and seeing with awe struck eyes all that they thought was impossible.

Then, relating the story of the Prophet Moses and Pharaoh briefly (it is the chronologically earliest sura to do this),[6] the people have been warned to the effect: “You know full well what fate the Pharaoh met in consequence of belying the Messenger and rejecting the guidance brought by him and endeavoring to defeat his mission by trickery and deceit. If you do not learn any lesson from it and do not change your ways and attitude accordingly, you also will have to meet the same fate.
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