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Is the rumor about vampires real?

While you were leading a peaceful life,
unexplained killings are disrupting everything and
your own destiny mingles with those events that surpass you.

An exciting love simulation game for girls!
It's the ultimate romance game/otome game for ladies who love handsome guys!
Join the world of Japanese otome games!

●The romance story of The Princes of the Night

Central Europe, in a walled city...
Peace reigned on the village,
until several women have been found dead...
The only clues we had were two fang marks on the necks of the victims.
This must be the doing of a demon...

"And now this threat is on me too."

Discover an exciting love story.
in which men and vampires are fighting to conquer your heart!

●Here are the handsome guys you can choose from!

-Klaus Von Dracula
Type: Vampire
With a stoic personality, Count Dracula is devoted to his people and his duty.
It seems that his legacy holds many secrets...
"I always wanted to protect you."
Will you answer the call of love and fate, against all odds?

-Gerald Van Helsing
Type: Human
Professor in theology and medicine.
He feels a deep hatred against vampires since the murder of her sister.
"You say I'm stubborn, but I think you are worse than me."
Turn him away from his vampire hunt does not seem to be an easy task.
Will you be able to do it?

Type: Vampire
Sadistic and cruel...
This, however, seems to be only one facet of his personality.
What connection does he have with Klaus?
"Close your eyes and let yourself go... When you will wake up, you'll be mine!"
His anger may be hiding something deeper... and better.
Will you find the good in him and win his love?

Type: Demon
Ewan is a demon serving Dracula from the first generation of the lineage.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Princess."
This cute and nice servant will surprise you more than once...
Can a demon fall in love?

●Recommended for you if...
-You have never played a romance game or otome game for women before.
-You like free-to-play otome games that are popular.
-You like playing any kind of otome game, including BL games.
-You like games for girls that have handsome guys that do something unexpected of their personality.
-You like apps for girls who like romance dramas, comics for women, light novel games, romance manga.
-You want to experience an unusual kind of love story in an otome game.
-You want to experience a mature relationship and have a love that feels destined with a handsome guy.
-You want to date a rich man who is a prince, celebrity, heir, or charismatic in a romance simulation game.
-You want to date handsome guys who are pushy, princes, mysterious, cool, charismatic, or who are a celebrity or an heir.
-You want to be able to play an exciting romance story game filled with handsome guys without any interruptions.
-You want to play a game for girls that features a forbidden romance that could never happen in real life.
-You want to play the greatest romance game that is free.
-You want to play a mature romance game where you can fall in love with your soul mate.
-You are searching for an otome game or game for girls where there are oresama type guys.
-You are looking for a love story game or romance story game that is exciting and a bit mature.
-You are looking for a game that's fully voiced by male voice actors.
-You are looking for an otome simulation game.
-You are looking for a game for girls featuring a harem where you can choose from multiple guys.
-You just really want to get married and have a husband, a fiance, or a boyfriend.

●Basic Information
-Free installation
-Free basic play

-Uninstalling the app or clearing the cache will reset player data.
-This game will not work offline. Make sure you have an internet connection when you play.
-Update your device's software to version 4.0 or later to play.

●Terms of service
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