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TOSCA is the two-player finite zero-sum game like Chess and Shogi.
Two-player finite zero-sum game is a game without accidentality and hidden information.
Winner is decide only by strategy and tactics.
The biggest feature of TOSCA is reversal.
Reading the next hand is very important.
The reverse rotation following the reverse is the essence of TOSCA.

Characteristics of TOSCA
1, Great Reversal
In playing at TOSCA, it need to think about the possibility of being reversed all the time and placing a piece.
The good position will be reversed in a moment, you can not peace of mind until the end.

2, The speed of the game
TOSCA's stage ends with the game by placing only 24 pieces maximum on a 5x5 board.
Winning or losing will be decided between 10 and 20 minutes, unless you and opponent long think it.

3, Remote match
TOSCA can easily go play people around the world.
It can not speak any words, and do not know who the other person is, but it can communicate feelings with a face mark in the game.
That is Crying face or laughing face and other, such face is common to all over the world. (Perhaps).
Of course, you can also decide the password and play a remote match with a specific opponent.

4, Computer Match
At TOSCA, you can match-play with computer.
Sometimes computer placing a weak hand, but it is enough to you lrerning TOSCA.
When you always winning the computer, it is time to debut at remote match.

5, Game records data
TOSCA remembers the 80 game records automatically.
And you can replay the game records anytime.
You can lock on the record you want to keep.
In order to become strong,research on game record is indispensable.

TOSCA pieces have a window,there the number is displayed.
When you placing a piece,the number of your piece or the adjacent piece changes according to the rule.
There are several kinds of pieces,there are respectively "0", "1", "11", "-7", "-23", and" -0","-0" is called Joker in particular.
Also, since there are several types of boards to play, you can choose a board you like and you can play it.

Win or lose
Placing a piece, each number changes according to the rule of the piece.
When place pieces alternately, and using all the pieces, the game will finish.
At the end, the total of the pieces counts will be the score, and the player with the bigger score will be the winner.

TOSCA rules are easy.
1,When placing a plus-numbered piece, the count of all the pieces of the adjacent eight place is added to the count of the piece placed.
2,Placing a negative piece, the number of pieces placed is added to the number of pieces in eight adjoining places.(In this case add negative)
3,When Joker (-0) is placed, the counts of all the pieces of the adjacent eight place are inverted. It also includes Joker.
4,If you place a piece next to Joker (-0) that is already placed, the count of the piece you placed will be reversed. It also includes Joker.
5,If there are several pieces including Joker on the adjacent place trying to place pieces, Joker effect will be applied after calculating with all the pieces first.
6,Joker effect (reverse) also applies to Joker and"0", so in that case Joker will be"0"and "0"will be Joker.

If you have good rivals, please practice secretly with a computer opponent first.
Then teach the TOSCA to rival after becoming a bit stronger.
It is a chance to win your rivals.
It is important for TOSCA to find a opening-book at an early stage and to develop your own strategy.
TOSCA 's world champion is not a dream now.
If you are already powerful player in chess or shogi and the other, you will never say that TOSCA is weak.
Please add TOSCA to the territory. With advanced thinking skills, it will become stronger soon.
As an advice for winning in TOSCA,it is important to grasp the remaining pieces of the opponent firmly.
And do not mind the score in the Early stage of the game.
No matter how big your opponent's score is, Joker will tip over if there is one.
Please aim for a big reversal.
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