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The contemporary lifestyle of today is a trend for women who have high taste in appearance. One of them in choosing a handbag suitable for women is an important thing to increase the confidence in everyday life. The purpose of this application, provides information many examples of pictures (150+) of handbag design models for women.
Bag is a tool intended as a place to carry equipment or needs when outside the home. The aim is obviously to facilitate the mobility of a person.
But this time, the function of the bag is already so widespread, including in matters of fashion. Bags can be one of supporting the person's appearance, in addition to helping bring certain items.
Things like any other functionality this bag can be seen from the design of the bag which can be said to already have a concept or a particular genre, in fact rarely bags intentionally made to be aligned with the concept of fashion.
Everyone knows that one woman who always seems to look great, even with seemingly banal outfits, making it seem like they were specifically made for them. It seems like they make perfect fashion sense. But what can be the reason for this? A lot of women still do not accept just how important accessories are on the outfit, and what is likely is that that one person is paying just as much attention to the accessories as she does to the actual clothing she wears. In fact, one single, simple accessory can truly be the difference maker that can turn what is a common outfit and one that looks really great. One type of accessory that is fairly simple to use is a handbag.
The process that goes into choosing a handbag can be more complex that one would think. Your choice should be made according to your body type and outfit. There are several different types of handbags, which include:
Hobo bag - A small shoulder bag shaped like a crescent moon.
Pouch - A bag that is small and soft.
Baguette - A long a rounded bag. Its name comes from the bread.
Tote - A bag with an open top. It usually has traps or handles.
Clutch - A small, handheld bag that is mostly used as evening wear.
Satchel - A large handheld bag.
Messenger - This large, soft bag has long straps that often go across the body.
Field bag - This shoulder bag has a flat top. The way of closing it is what differentiates these.
Cigar box - The name may not be too nice, but it is just a hard, boxy, small box.
Duffle - A tall shoulder bag. It is usually wider in the top.
A common question is just how big (or small) should the bags be. The trick is to look for a bag that is actually an opposite of your own figure. If you are tall and thin, then a rounded bag is likely what you should aim for. If you are a bit more rounded, then something like a clutch is the best choice. A rectangular bag should do just fine. However, do not try too hard. You need to play with proportions since a very petite woman should not use a huge bag. Play up with perception here and you should be able to do just fine.
But it is not only about the size. Another thing you need to make sure you get perfectly right is the length. If you want to accentuate a part of your body, then having a handbag near it will sure attract some attention to it. If you use a short handbag near the chest are will make it look larger (in care this is what you intend, it is an easy "solution"). If you do not want to accentuate this area then something with longer straps may be ideal for you. While fashion is important when looking for nice handbags, you should by all means feel comfortable.
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