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 3 Up 3 Down hit & pitch tracker for baseball 1.5


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3 Up 3 Down is your team’s competitive advantage. You'll get more outs and more hits and that's going to lead to more wins. You’ll know how to pitch to the other team’s batters to get weak contact and more K’s. You’ll know where to place your fielders to catch more balls. You’ll know what and where the other team’s pitcher is going to throw giving your batters an edge.

3 Up 3 Down is not designed for scoring a baseball game. There are other apps that do that very well. Instead, 3 Up 3 Down is focused on tracking the information you need to make game-time decisions that will lead to more wins. Here’s how it works. As you watch the game you track each pitch, hit and outcome. As you collect pitch data a heat map is generated which shows the parts of the zone where the batter hits the ball hard and the parts where they don’t. The app also tells you how aggressive the batter is and how well they hit breaking balls. All this information helps you figure out the right pitch sequence to get the batter out. With the hit data you collect you'll see precisely where the batter tends to hit the ball so you can adjust your fielders to give them the best chance of making the big catch.

The app is equally helpful If you’re the hitting team. You're batters want to know what pitch is coming next. The same pitch data looked at from the perspective of the pitcher instead of the hitter gives us a heat map that will tell you where the pitcher throws the ball most frequently. You can even see this information for different counts so your batters will know what pitch is most likely to come. The app also tells you what type of pitch -- fastball, breaking ball, or change up -- they're most likely to get for each count. By giving your batters this information you’re setting them up to succeed.

3 Up 3 Down is free. In this free version there is a limit on the number of pitches and hits you can add. It's a generous initial amount of pitches and hits and so you'll be able to track several games worth of data to see if the app is working well for your team. Once you hit the limit you simply buy more pitches and hits as you need them.

If you want to play around with the app to get a feel for how it works there's a trial mode with pre-populated teams and data. Any pitches and hits you add in the trial mode don't count against your allotment.

Other features:
- The interface is designed so that you can very quickly and easily enter the pitch, hit and outcome data. You want to be watching the game, not your screen.
- There is both an iPhone and iPad version available with the interface optimized for each. It works especially well on an iPad because you can see both the pitch and hit tracker on the same screen.
- You can quickly and easily add players to a team or edit the information about a player. This becomes important if you get the other team’s line up card at the last minute or you are given inaccurate information that you need to modify.
- It’s easy to change the batting order and move players back and forth between the active roster and the set of reserves.
- There’s a panel where you can write notes about a player. For instance, maybe you notice that the player backs away from the plate as the pitch is being released. Or maybe the pitcher quick pitches. You’ll want to remember these things for later.

Try 3 Up 3 Down for free now and see how it helps you as the manager make the key decisions that will lead your team to victory.
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