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 Biochemistry Three 1.2

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The app is divided into 3 parts: Introduction, learning unit, training unit.

• In the introduction you will be provided with an overview of the lipids and their properties. In addition, information on the structure of biological membranes, on the structure and function of lipoproteins and an insight into important methods of lipid analysis are provided.

• The learning unit introduces you to the structure and function of lipids from the following lipid classes: Fatty acids, natural waxes, phosphoglycerides, sphingolipids, isoprenoids (terpenes and steroids), fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E and K) and eicosanoids (prostaglandins, thromboxanes and leukotrienes).

• In the training unit, four lipid structures will be randomly arranged. These can then be assigned by drag and drop to their name, a synonym and/or a suitable biological property.

• You can change the selection of lipids by selecting or deselecting the following classifications: Saturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids, phosphoglycerides, sphingolipids, terpenes, bile acids, vitamins & carotenoids, steroids and eicosanoids.

• The correctness of the chosen arrangement, as well as the correct solution can be displayed at any time.

• The app assists you in learning related terms by assigning them.

• The operation is self-explanatory and intuitively understandable.

• This app is targeting students of natural sciences, biochemistry, chemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy, biology and medicine as well as interested students.


• Learn and practice the 2D structures, names, synonyms and biological properties of important lipids.

• You can display the names, synonyms and/or properties of the lipids.

• The structures, names, synonyms and properties are arranged randomly. The assignment can be reshuffled at any time or the correct assignment can be displayed.

• The structural formulas can be enlarged by double tapping or long pressing, so that details are also visible.

• No registration is required.

• No telemetry data are recorded!
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