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 Crocodile Sniper Hunter - Animals Simulator 2017 1.0


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In Trinity beach, crocodile attacks are a very common sighting. Crocodiles grow up to be 6 feet long and weigh more than a ton.With five thousand tons of bite force. Crocodiles are the most aggressive animals in the world but some naive people still try to test their fate.A seventeen-year-old girl Olivia was on a school trip.She was with fifteen of her other classmates.She was under the supervision of a lifeguard rescue team.She was in perfectly safe waters but everything that could go wrong went wrong.Her friends wandered off into unsafe waters.She was hesitant at first but her friends persuaded her.She and her friends played in unsafe waters while the crocodile waited for its prey.

The group of friends ventured further and further into the crocodile’s territory.The girls lost all sense of danger swimming right into the crocodile's den.The crocodile lurked in the darkness not to be seen.Out of nowhere, Olivia started to feel uneasy she was getting a heavy feeling in her gut almost like she knew about her inevitable fate. The crocodile waited for his prey to make one wrong move.Oliva’s friend Emily saw a faint shadow in the water. She panicked and started to scream.Everyone rushed out of the water.Chaos ensued everyone screaming and shouting the girls scared in fear of their lives. Oliva was in a state of shock.She did not know what to do in this situation knowing that there is a ferocious animal lose in the water.The crocodile was angered by all the screaming and shouting.Oliva was in shock knowing not what to do.She stumbled into the crocodile's den.The crocodile rushed out if its den and bit Oliva.Oliva screamed in agony.Blood started to come to the surface.

Oliva felt her heart starting to stop.She knew if this bleeding did not stop she would die of blood loss even if the bleeding stopped she would certainly be eaten alive by the crocodile.She felt light headed and was soon unconscious.Her friends called the ambulance, the police, the rescue team anyone that could help with the situation.The animal control team rushed to the scene.Poor Oliva was unconscious being eaten alive by the crocodile.The crocodile tore chewed up Olivas leg whole.The crocodile brought young Oliva under the water to drown.She started to drown bystanders saw the whole thing in front of their very eyes hopeless know not what to do.The animal control team tranquilized the crocodile but to tranquilize a big predator like a river crocodile, it will take some time.The animal control team realizing their mistake started to free Olivia from the grasp of the crocodile.They brought Oliva to the beach.

There was no time to take her to the hospital because she would die of blood loss in five minutes, they had to operate on the beach.They bandaged her leg.All the water was forced out of her lungs.She was dying, losing all signs of life her heart rate stopped, her breathing began to stop but there was still life in of her the doctors knew what to do.They defibrillated her to keep her alive.Olivia missing one leg lived to tell the tale.

Features of crocodile simulator attack 2017 : wild sim:
•3D craft graphics & realistic water environment
•3D animated crocodile.
•Smooth and easy controls.
•Realistic crocodile attacks.
•Real sounds of crocodile simulator attack 2017
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