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 Easy currency and unit converter Lite 2.4


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EZCurrency is a useful tool for you on currencies converting, unit converting , scientific calculating and buy-list. It provides the most popular currencies rate , and over than 100 units converting functions. You can get newest currency rate over the wifi or 3G connection, and you can select one of the two data sources for your currencies updating. Besides we provide user defining currency rate function to help you shopping easily. If you set user defining currency rate , even you getting the newest currency rate , then it will be used when you want to calculate. And on this new version, you can add your currency converting result to the buy-list. So you can see the all amount of your list and it will calculating the total amount for your all buy-list. Beside you can e-mail your buy-list to your self or someone.

Now we are supporting these currencies: New Taiwan dollar,United States dollar,Euro,Hong Kong dollar,Renminbi,Japanese yen,South Korean won,Singapore dollar,Malaysian ringgit,Thai baht,Philippine peso,Indonesian rupiah,Mexican peso,Brazilian real,Chilean peso,Australian dollar,Czech koruna,New Zealand dollar…etc.

Length: kilometer,meter,centimeter,millimeter,Taiwan market feet,Taiwan feet,inch,feet,yard,mile,International nautical mile

Weight: kilogram,gram,milligram,metric ton,china市斤,Taiwan兩,Taiwan錢,Taiwan擔,Troy pound,Troy ounce,PennyWeight,Troy Grain,British long ton,US short ton,ounce,pound

Volume: cubic meters,hectoliter,dekaliter,liter,deciliter,centiliter,milliliter,Cubic millimeter, Barrel(US), Bushel(US), Peck(US), Quart(US), Pint(US), Barrel(UK), Bushel(UK), Gallon(UK), Pint(UK), fluid, ounce(UK),Tablespoon,teaspoon,Tablespoon(US),teaspoon(US),fluid ounce(US),Gallon(US),gill(US),Taiwan斗,Taiwan石

Area: Square meter,Square decimeter,Square centimeter,Square millimeter,hectare,Square kilometer,Chinese acre,acre,Square mile,Square yard,Square feet,Square inch,level ground,armor

Speed: kilometer/hour, centimeter/hour, centimeter/minute, centimeter/second, feet/hour, feet/minute, feet/second, kilometer/minute, kilometer/second, meter/hour, meter/minute, meter/second, mile/hour, mile/minute, mile/second, yard/hour, yard/minute, yard/second, Mach(sea), Mach(SI),

Time: day,hour,minute,second,week,year,millisecond

Temperature: 。C,。F K

Pressure: atmospheric pressure,Millimeter mercury column,bar,killobar,hectobar,Pascal,pound/square inch,kilogram/square centimeter,Millimeter water column,pound/square feet,inch mercury column,kilogram/square meter

Energy: British horse power.hour,Metric horse power.hour,kilocalorie,kilowatt.hour,joule,British thermal unit

Power: British horse power,Metric horse power,watt,kilowatt

Digital data size: Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes, Terabytes, bits, Kilobits, Megabits, Gigabits, Terabits,


If you have some question or need some help. Please e-mail to us, we will reply as soon as quickly. Thanks a lot.
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