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JobbHopp is a mobile application and business concept that will allow users (customer) the ability to request services using a mobile app. These service requests will then be viewed by certified JobbHopp users (independent workers; aka "Hoppers") in the area, who have been approved and categorized by skill set, and they will have the choice to offer to complete the service for the price the customer has requested or bid an alternate price if desired. The customer then will have complete authority in choosing their "worker" based on viewing their profile, including information, pictures, skills, reviews, ratings, etc. Once the customer has decided on a JH worker and they have agreed on a price, they will become locked in an agreement protected by contract to complete the desired service for price agreed upon. All necessary information will be exchanged, and JH worker will be sent (and tracked) to destination to complete service. As service is being performed, customer will be able to actively update status to ensure they are satisfied with the work being performed. When the "worker" feels the service is complete, they will use the mobile application to notify JH that the service has been completed. The customer than will be able to approve or disapprove the service based on JH worker completion of task. If approved, customer will be charged price agreed upon + state sales tax % + service fee for using JH. JH employee will be rewarded price agreed upon - service fee for using JH. Both parties will review and rate each other, report the job difficulty, tools required, manpower, material required, time it took to complete job etc...This information will be for data storage and accumulation for JH as a business to analyze and sell to other companies that would be interested in the data analysis. Also for future reference for users of the app.

How it Works

Customer Interface:

1. Start Up:

Create account with JH. Provide email address, password, personal information including full name, DOB, address, etc. Provide credit card to be locked into account (required.)

2. Profile customization:

Provide profile picture, choose personal information to display to others, display worker reviews, previous services post, customer reviews.

3. Job Postings:

Ability to post job/service at price desired. Reference provided to aid in offering fair price and estimated time to complete job. Complete job detail/description required. Post is added to feed based on GPS location and becomes visible to any JH worker in mile radius. Ability to update price as desired.

4. Agreement:

Once price is agreed and worker is chosen, Customer credit card is charged. if worker never shows, customer is refunded. Contract protects price agreement and work detail.

5. Status Updates:

Ability to constantly monitor worker and report any problems occurring back to JH through status updates that are processed by JH staff to ensure service is being performed correctly and customer is satisfied.

6. Approval:

When JH worker reports that they are finished with service, Customer has the power to approve or disapprove the work that has been done. If approved, customer is charged priced agreed upon + state sales tax (by state) + JH service fee. If customer disapproves, they will have to file a detailed report to JH stating reasons for disapproval. JH staff will then review and make final decision on whether service was not satisfied as agreed upon. Customer may be refunded or charged depending on outcome.

7. Review:

Customer will be able to review and rate worker after service is completed for future customers to see and use when making their own decision on a worker.
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