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 Kaiju Monsters: Torments Mar 1.0


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These places are long abandoned. Сities are devastated and destroyed. All vicinities are covered with sand. This area remain empty and clear from people decades ago. But it does not mean that nobody dwells these lifeless environment. Those who caused the doomsday and doomed mankind to extinction are still inhabiting the ruined remnants of civilization. The name of giant monsters is Kaiju - the legends of human nightmares who came out of the Pacific abyssal depth and passed overland exterminating all biological species on their way like a plague. Now this giant Kaiju creatures became the true and the only rulers of the world, sharing the power only within different kinds of horrible monsters.

Time has passed when those fierce creatures could eat everything they saw to satisfy hunger. Today these always hungry and insatiable monsters live in permanent war and have to hunt and absorb each other in order to survive. Don’t starve. There is only two ways: to eat others or to let others eat me. Giant creatures like Kaiju are always ruthless and hungry. Don’t turn back to other monsters, otherwise you can find yourself predator gnawed.

Besides monsters themselves the planet can hardly be named friendly for the monsters. Even though humans died out decades ago, some of their technologies keep spoiling lives of monsters. 
- Enormous monster-sized portal traps annihilate anyone who dare step on them, exiling them beyond the world rim.
- Razor-spheres freely flying around the environment crumble into powder any monsters from the first touch.
- Abandoned cities from the life breathing centers became insurmountable obstacles that led millions of monsters to death.
- Giant monolith obelisk granting bonuses, quest circles, crashed ships and planes and many other things surround your path.

It is not easy to survive in this deadly post-apocalyptic fallout desert among insatiable giants like you. Different species and evolutionary forms can help you! Create your own Kaiju monster and smash monsters on your way.

Collect plasma clots of energy and crystals, destroy your enemies, absorb their genetic code (DNA) and evolve in order to dominate monsters who dare to challenge you. Become a monstercrafter and decide by yourself how your new monster will look like. Feed and grow your own fighting monster. Don’t make monsters starve! Use genetic code collected in clashes of monsters and create a new organism. But remember, in this dangerous universe there is no space for herbivore species of monsters. Only carnivorous predators can survive and evolve. This place is for meat eaters only.

Choose the evolution! By now there are know three main types of kaiju monsters. But they have many evolutions so that all monsters differ from each other tremendously. Initially all monsters were organic but they evolved. Development of AI and technologies as well as monster evolution led to the symbiosis. So now giant creatures can evolve no only jus organically. They became semi-organic polymorphs who might be organic creatures from hell, soulless monster cyborgs and something in between. So tentacles, crab claws, huge bull horns and jaws of the creatures from the outside can be easily transformed into mech forms. Just eat DNA and evolve! 

The tactics available for players vary tremendously! Depending on the monster’s evolution stage it can become a tiny weak but very fast monster or, in contrast become a furious, mighty and dangerous monster easily devouring other inhabitants of this tiny universe, showing its power in clashes. It is completely your decision on which skins and parameters to spend the DNA collected in the battles and which evolution path to choose.

Choose and evolve wisely!

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