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With technology revolutionising the world, the agricultural sector in Nigeria is behind the times with farmers lacking access to the most basic of things. In the livestock market, things like access to a good veterinary practitioner, access to willing buyers, proper bookkeeping records of sales and buys amongst other things are difficult to get.

Kiwo was created to solve all that and more. With Kiwo, every farmer can put their farm on the map. Literally.

With this, you can add your farm to the map with Kiwo and make it easy for buyers, sellers and vets to locate your farm. You can also order feed to your directly to your farm. With Kiwo, your farm is in your palm.

How Kiwo Works.

As you can see there are a lot of things this app can do. Let’s do a quick breakdown of what can be done from the home page.
Add a record: This process involves adding a new batch of animals that you have received. This makes it easy for you to keep track of each batch as they progress.

View Batches: After adding batches, these batches can be viewed by using this button. This shows a layout of all batches of livestock currently on the farm.

Expenses: All expenses incurred can be saved here and an expenses sheet can be auto-generated. This can be used to track expenses and a PDF version of it can be saved and printed out so as to have a physical copy.

Sales: All sales made on the farm are recorded here. This helps to determine the cash inflow on the farm. Combined with expenses, the profit on each batch of livestock can easily be seen as analysis can be performed to see how well the farm is doing. This analysis can be broken into batches or viewed as a total.
A PDF version of it can also be saved and printed out so as to have a physical copy.

Stores: This can be used to order whatever you need for your farm. From feeds, vaccines, vitamins, drugs and even booking a doctor’s appointment, you can do all this without ever leaving your farm. This leaves you with time to focus on the important things on your farm.

Buy/Sell: This tab allows you to quickly sell your stock conveniently as you don’t have to leave your farm while also buying whatever you may need for your farm. The beauty of this is that everything bought is added to the expenses sheet and everything sold is added to the sales sheet. So there is no need to fill it in there.

Under SELL, livestock or livestock products can easily be put up for sale.

A snapshot of things that can be bought after clicking on BUY is shown on the right.

After this, the hamburger menu provides us with a number of options.

Profile takes us to the page where you can complete your details after signing up. This is where you can register your farm’s location as well as what type of livestock farm you have.
From Settings, reminders can be set to help with running the farm. These reminders can be to feed the animals in your farm or to vaccinate them livestock. NB: This vaccination should be subject to Vet doctor’s recommendations.

Feed estimator is a calculator based off veterinary standards to tell you how much feed you need for your poultry. This makes budgeting for your poultry easy and cost effective since you won’t overspend on feed.

Farm Database is the database of all farms registered on Kiwo. This makes it easy to find farms that have what you need and build lasting partnerships.
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