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Ladivaar is a mobile version of original Ladivaar.com where one can have a blissful experience of reading Ladivaar saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee without prior experience of reading Ladivaar Gurbani. This app helps you find correct Pad-Ched (hidden correct word) by simply using a touch-gesture on that word.

We haven't Color coded some or every alternate word as what we believe is it will still makes it a Pad-Ched gurbani. This app is 100% Ladivaar until you intentionally touch the word to know the correct Pad-ched and then it becomes 99.9% Ladivaar. Touch the highlighted word again and it will become 100% Ladivaar again.

Original form of Gurbani is intact(Ladivaar, larivaar, Ladidaar) with no spaces. But importance of Reading gurbani from a Ladivaar saroop is diminishing day by day. There are many reasons behind it but one most important is that people find it difficult to read and understand. They are just afraid and never give it a try. This app lets you gain that confidence by helping you all the way at every Ang and with every word. Simply touch the word and it will highlight the correct Pad-Ched.

Sangat Jee you don't need to afraid of starting reading a Ladivaar(also spelled ad Larivaar or Ladidaar) Saroop anymore. Learn/Read/Practice Ladivaar Gurbani at any place, any time on any device. We want you to start reading ladivaar saroop, either you go to have santhya from known Sikh Scholar or use this app if no one is around you to give you proper santhya. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable enough to read directly from actual Ladivaar Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee and Pothis.

- Complete Ladivaar Saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee
- Swipe to change Angs
- Ladivaar Nitnem
- Touch or Tap to highlight hidden Pad-Ched at every Ang and every Line
- One word highlight or Pad-Ched at a time to maintain the original form of gurbani as much as possible.
- Tap or Touch again to remove highlight on the word.
- Both Portrait and Landscape mode supported
- Different themes and font sizes

This app uses no special permission and can work offline.

- Ladivaar : Original, Intact form of Gurbani as written by Sikh Gurus itself which does not have any spaces between the words. One has to read it very carefully and requires a lot of practise and years of experience to get master on. It is a unique and blissful experience.

- Pad-Ched: As Ladivaar/Larivaar Saroop was difficult to read, unfortunately a new trend got started decades ago which initiated adding standard spaces in between the words to make it more readable and understandable for general people which eventually became common practise and importance of Ladivaar saroop got decreased. But there are some organisation, Sikh Jathe Bandiya who still prefers to read gurbani in its original form - Larivaar/Ladivaar and they are putting there continuous effort on the parchar of importance of Ladivaar saroops.

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This app is build by students of Giani Pooran Singh Jee Delhi Wale. Giani Pooran Singh is a scholar of Damdami Taksal & 7th successor of samparda of Sant Bhai Malla Singh Ji Mangwal. Giani Ji studied gurmat vidya from Panth Rattan Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa (Bhindra), Sant Giani Mohan Singh Ji (Bhindra), Sant Giani Niranjan Singh Ji "Vaid Ji" (Boparai) & many more great scholars of Sikhism.

We will continuously update our app to provide pad-ched as per taksal maryada.
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