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Do you often wonder what shall we have for dinner tonight? Always end up cooking the same recipes? Be surprised by Left2Cook. The app will surprise you by the number of recipes you can cook with the things you already have; talk about convenience and "Think Different". The ingredients in your kitchen will determine the recipe and not the other way around.

Inspired by the Italian cook, Giuseppe Semprevivo from Sicily, we developed a lot of recipes with few ingredients and a lot of taste. It’s not a coincidence, as around the Mediterranean you can find many tasteful dishes prepared with a minimum of ingredients.
Fresh ingredients will guarantee a healthy meal. Completed with many recipes from all around the world Left2Cook will make cooking like traveling around the world.

Enter your ingredients via the corresponding category or via the quick search function. If you click on it once, it will turn green, this is the perfect place for perishable ingredients. Click on it twice, or swipe from right to left. and it will turn orange. This is the perfect place for things you store in your lader (e.g. tinned and dried food), we call this your digital pantry. You can now easily delete the perishable ingredients (the green category) for further use, without deleting the more permanent ones (the orange category). When you have entered all ingredients press the search button! Fresh, delicious and easy recipes emerge. You will find a green, orange or red symbol behind the recipe. Green: you already have the ingredients and can start immediately. Orange: Oops your missing one ingredient, knock on your neighbors door. Red: Too bad your missing two or more ingredients. You will have to do some shopping.

Impress your friends and yourself by the meals you can put on the table with some help of Left2Cook. On average 1/3 of all food is thrown away. You want to reduce your food waste? Left2Cook will give you plenty of recipes with those ingredients you otherwise throw away. Talking about sustainability; working on a better world by having a good meal. Just enter only that ingredient that’s dying for your attention, “et violà!” You will find a good recipe for inspiration and all the missing ingredients you can add to your grocery list.

Almost 600 recipes
New recipes added
Inspired by the Mediterranean kitchen and the best dishes from all over the world.

There are two ways you can use the app:

Work method 1:

Find all ingredients at home and add them to Left2Cook. Select all fresh ingredients by clicking once and a green dot will appear in front of them so you can see they’re selected. All other ingredients you find at home and are more often in stock like rice, oil, butter, e.g., you can select by clicking twice or swiping from right to left. Now the dot will turn orange and the items are stored in the pantry. Later on you can now easily deselect and re-select these pantry-items when you want to use work method 2. If you’re done selecting all ingredients just push the search button. Many recipes will appear. If the symbol behind the the recipe is green you already have the ingredients and can start immediately. If the symbol is orange your missing one ingredient; knock on your neighbors door? If the symbol is red, too bad your missing two or more ingredients. You will have to do some shopping.

Work method 2:

Lost for ideas? Longing for a nice pasta? Just select pasta and many real authentic Italian pasta recipes will appear. You can easily combine it with some left over rucola or broccoli for example.
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