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[Math Matrix] is a powerful yet simple to use matrix calculator that can be used to evaluate simple to complex expressions involving matrices and scalars.

The expressions can consist of the following individual functions, or mathematical expressions involving any combination of these functions, along with scalars (numbers) using nested parentheses (where necessary to form the desired and valid expressions):

solveLin() - Solve system of linear equations
inv() - Inverse
det() - Determinant
trn() - Transpose
cof() - Cofactor
eigval() - Eigenvalues
eigvec() - Eigenvectors
rref() - Reduced row echelon form
rank() - Rank
llu() - Lower triangular matrix
ulu() - Upper triangular matrix
plu() - Pivot or permutation matrix

This app can also handle the following trigonometric functions: sine, cosine and tangent, which can be embedded in the expressions (as scalars or matrices). Angles can be in both degrees and radians (see the Detailed Instructions link).

Some examples of expressions are (Note: matrices involved must be compatible):


1. This app includes a feature to build the expressions without having to type the functions or operators (See the Quick Guide link)

2. For presentation purpose, this app is limited to handle matrices of size upto 5x5. Maximum 10 individual matrices can be saved in the app.

3. The answer matrix obtained from evaluating an expression can be save, if desired - which can be used to build subsequent expressions.

Other features of this app:

- Auto-filling of matrix ID (without need for typing)
- Convenient way to build expressions (without need for typing)
- Feature to reuse the previously entered expressions
- Formatting of the answer matrix for the ease of viewing
- Emailing of calculations

https://sites.google.com/site/crispiappsmathmatrix for additional information and features on this app.
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