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Find out how you can make your life as a parent easier. Sergeant Simon Says was designed simply, to make parenting easier. Most parents don’t like being the “bad guy,” the one that has to break up the party, and let the kids know its time to "clean up, go brush your teeth and get ready for bed” or “finish your chores/homework!” Well now you don’t have to! Sergeant Simon Says becomes the “final say in the home.” Sergeant Simon can help you manage your children to perform any task and the best part is they can get a reward sticker by just a click of an app button by you!
Sergeant Simon Says gives parents the ability to instruct, and reward their children with the easy press of a button. Rewards are gold stars that are of symbolic value according to what your child likes most. This encourages the child to simply do as their told, and they will get what they want. Through the use of this app, parents are able to write, store and give instruction by simply using the Text-to-speech function. Then parents or “user” can instantly reward the child for completing a task with the touch of a button. A gold star sticker will be ejected from the speaker base. The child believes that its Simon rewarding him/her for doing as Simon says. The app allows you to track the number of stars Sergeant Simon has given out on that particular day with a detailed calendar page, and adjust the speed and tone of the Simons voice as well.
Once the adult tears the ejected sticker from the base and hands it to the child, he or she will run to the refrigerator and proudly place the sticker on their Star chart. Children love to show off their accomplishments to others. When friends and family come to the house, your child/ children will be thrilled to show everyone their sticker chart and how well they have been doing.
Lets face it, us new millennial parents can be overwhelmed with the demands of everyday life or we have a hard time disciplining our children. Parents have the ability to use and enhance any parenting style they like whether its firm, lax, or whatever it may be. The hardest part of parenting is saying “no”. Imagine there was someone around to do that hard work for you. Now there is! This app gives parents the ability to discipline with super ease using positive reinforcement!! Your children will be begging for instruction, in hopes of receiving their gold star
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