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 The Lost Guitar Pick 1.0.15


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After long days and nights of research, our developers found out where those picks that vanish without a trace take shelter, enraging those who play guitar. And now it’s time for you and thousands of people to discover the truth of where that is.

“They are hidden in a universe called THE LOST GUITAR PICK, a place that is waiting for you.”

There are different levels to conquer, in worlds where the real blends with the fantastic (but don’t worry, there’s nothing to fear there). And the best part: the games are the coolest, made for you to test your memory!

Since you’ve already been hit with that little spark of curiosity to know how awesome that universe is, join us now! It doesn’t matter if you’re a musician or not, just come with us!

- You are not alone: with 05 options of instructors, you start by choosing between Celina and Charles. As you win cards, you unlock more instructors. This way you’ll have around someone who is a real match for you.
- Different modes for you to practice as a musician: finish each world in Normal mode to unlock the Upside Down, which is a Hard mode (you’ll enjoy the challenge, believe me). Whenever you like, you can review the chords you learned, they are on Training mode. ;)
- Practice without losing your precious points: on Training mode, you exercise your musical memory with Time Trial and Survival Mode. You can first become a master and just then play the games for real.
- Chord dictionary: between one level and another, one training and another, you can check the Dictionary and take a look at the chords you’ve already learned. This way you can remember whatever you need to nail your next move!
- Daily goal: training every day deserves a prize! Here, you are rewarded with coins!
- Worlds to conquer: there is the great Pick Town (a place where every musician has been through sometime); the dauntless Graveyard (where it’s worthy to overcome your fear of losing picks); and the Tropical world (a place immersed on the hot rhythm of the picks success).
- Trophies: because the continuous exercise of the brain and ears brings striking and well-deserved rewards for you.
- Store: playing new chords it’s very tiresome - and note that it’s not even your band rehearsal yet. Our Store is filled with Supplements, Guitar Cases, Packs and Coins. Everything you need to have the energy required on the game ;)
Will you join us? Let the games and the pick hunt begin!

*** Attention! ***

The Lost Guitar Pick is a free game, but some items of the Store can be bought with real money. If you don’t wanna buy them, it’s ok. The important things is to adjust that on your profile on App Store.

"During the game you can purchase items with gold (the coin of the game) or earn them depending on your achievements. Among these rewards are the Lucky Case and the Legendary Case. They consist of surprise items packages for the player.
The chances of getting the prizes contained in the cases are as follows:
- Lucky Case: 40% chance of containing 30-40 gold, 70% chance of containing 8-12 energy refills, 100% chance of containing 4-7 instructor cards.
- Legendary Case: 90% chance of containing 60-80 gold, 90% chance of containing 10-20 energy refills, 100% chance of containing 8-10 instructor cards."

The game was developed to be played with access to the internet. You can play it offline, but you won’t get any of the special guitar cases.

Do you have any doubts, suggestions or complaints regarding the game? Just send us a message to suporte@cifraclub.com.br and we’ll get back to you! ;)
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